ARC Reviewers Wanted - Science Fiction/Cyberpunk - NEON Lieben by Sapha Burnell

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ARC Reviewers Wanted - Science Fiction/Cyberpunk - NEON Lieben by Sapha Burnell

Download a review copy from the following links:

NEON Lieben
Lieben Cycle, Book 1
By Sapha Burnell
Publisher:‎ Vræyda Literary
Release Date: August 22, 2021
ISBN: 978-1988034140 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1988034164 (hc)
Pages: 410
Genre: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, LGBTQ

2085 The world recovers from War. A squeal of tires chases Dr. Dieter Karnak, as he creates artificial life under his corporate partner’s begrudging nose. Dr. Robert Dunlevy doesn’t buy into such spiritual nonsense. He builds god damned machines, the way their Conglom overlords want. Karnak's beloved intern Baiko hatches a plan to steal Lieben, before she becomes a corporate ploy.

2155 AD-001 swims to the shore of Vancouver Island. Lieutenant Max Allard is tasked to drag AD-001 back, before the Mater Machine claims 'it' for her own.

AI meets genetic engineering, when the Idless, a collective of anti-label anarchists, attempt to free Dr. Karnak’s android Lieben from the Conglomerate. 70 years later, gene-spliced super soldier AD-001 sees humans for the first time. A spiral of origins chase Lieben’s ghost in this sci-fi cyberpunk adventure...

‘Come at your leisure. My love is free. My abundance is yours.'

Find more information about the book and author at ... a-burnell/
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