Reviewers Wanted - Romantic Erotica - Rabbithole By Melissa Rea

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Reviewers Wanted - Romantic Erotica - Rabbithole By Melissa Rea

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Nights of Alice, Book One
By Melissa Rea
Publisher: Melange Books
Published: August 2021
ISBN: ‎978-1953735768 (print)
ISBN: 978-1953735775 (ebook)
Pages: 311
Genre: Romantic Erotica

Brilliant, troubled driven Alice travels in time to meet men.

Last night, clothes began appearing in Alice Hightower’s closet at sunset. She might find bell bottoms from the seventies or a beaded flapper’s dress from the twenties, but they fit perfectly. She slips on the outfits and opens her balcony door to another place and time where extraordinary men fill her nights. CEO of a medical device company about to unveil a revolutionary heart bypass product, Alice escapes her challenging days to the adventures beyond her balcony door. How could her smoldering VP of sales, or her fascinating assistant compare to Tweedle Don and Tweedle Dan, twin doctors from the seventies, or the sixties rock group who scolds Alice for being late for their very important date. At forty-nine, after two divorces, relating to her male coworkers has been entirely too complicated. When industrial espionage threatens her company, Alice has to save the position that defines her, discover the truth of her fantastic travels and decide if the real men in her life might be more satisfying than those she enjoys by night.
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