Three Children's Picture Books For Review (picture book, poetry & multicultural interest)

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Three Children's Picture Books For Review (picture book, poetry & multicultural interest)

The following three children's pictures are available for review on NetGalley.

These are children's picture books with a multi-cultural interest and the content is put together in a rare poetry format for children.

La Matchinista -

“To aspire is to direct one's hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.”

The author’s hope is that this book will allow the reader to aspire to be all that they can imagine and more, because children are inherently brilliant humans who are willing to learn, teach and share what they encounter each day of their lives.

La Machinista is a work of art that provides an expression of self via innocence, purity, simplicity and the appreciation for life. This book is intended to inspire children to see themselves as unique beings who can imagine, create, explore and thrive in their own environment.

Stinky Poo... Who Are You? -

In his book; "Stinky Poo…. Who Are You?", Rage Sinclaire has tried to walk readers through the life of far too many young children in our society today. Out of necessity for survival, these children have learned how to exist without their basic needs being met and how to remain safe from the predators that co-inhabit their personal space daily.

Through Stinky Poo's eyes, we can see and co-experience how it feels to be rejected, to mourn the loss of a loved one, and to have a hopeless vision for the future.

The Cool of High Waist Slim -

In the book, High Waist Slim is a confident young person who inspires the children around him to be their personal best. His self-love ideology is contagious and the children who read the book will begin to understand the importance of being impeccable in their appearance and with their word. High Waist Slim is a much welcomed role model for young people in a world where many media promoted role models have publicly disavowed their influence on children to absolve them from the responsibility of being influencers.
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