A mystery to resolve.

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I have been writing stories while focusing on one genre since January 2015. It is a long time to be writing the same genre but I have taken some time off from writing because I was so tired of it that it wasn't even funny. I started writing again this year and I was very nervous about posting one of my works because I wasn't even sure if anyone would like the story. The opening chapter was a little boring and I thought that I should probably get better at writing before I tried to publish my book. I feel like I'm getting there but I'm still just a noob who is writing because I never published any of my work to recieve feedback so yesterday i did something about it, i started publishing on webnovel. Webnovels are all the rage right now. There are a ton of great stories out there, but many of them are written by famous novelists. The webnovel world is not limited to bestselling authors; any writer can give it a try. I have taken a shot at it and have started writing a webnovel. I love thrilling stories, and I want to share it with the world, even if it's an amateur's work.
A story to experience, a novel to cherish - Mystery, thriller, romance, this novel is a complete package of everything you'll love!: in "A mystery to resolve" we follow up the journey of our protagonist "Miles" as he discovers the secrets hidden beneath Yorkan city shadows, a series of unfortunate events that led to the death of his lover, by his own hands. Through his trail, he not only discovers the mystery behind his girlfriend's death, but also unravels his hidden past and rotten relationships.

Genres: Action, crime, thriller, psychological, mystery, romance, drama.
"In the end, you were able to find out that it was me... I am quite impressed and fascinated by your efforts and skills, Miles."

The unidentified man was clutching at a small revolver with his finger on the trigger as he talked. He did not shoot, instead he talked on.

"But as bright and talented as you could get, you're still a human being... And as a human being, you made mistakes. Didn't you, boy?"

There was an odd silence surrounding the two of them, the young male Miles smirked lightly as he cleared his throat while moving his hands slowly up in surround. Miles was clearly in a tight spot, drops of sweat rolled down his tanned skin before falling to the dirty floor. The look on his face was not one of hopelessness.

After noticing Miles' expression, the unknown man laughed lightly, almost nervously, and raised his voice.

"Did the cat eat your tongue, kid?"

The man was frustrated upon not hearing a response from Miles but just as he began speaking, Miles cut him off. It was Miles' tone that made a difference, not his words, which seemed erratic and reckless. The unknown man felt shivers running down his spine.

"No, I only find it ironic that I'm being judged by a man who's already dead."

Link: https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20823 ... 4318106343
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