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Hello everyone, I am an author and i am here to promote my novel.

Title:- Mutant Heroes

Genre:- Action, Adventure, School life, Romance, Superhero, Harem.

Synopsis:- The Nuclear Reactor explosion in Blake Technologies LTD. has caused 60 percent of the humanity to become mutants with superpowers. The superhumans are not only heroes but there are villains too. Let us go through the journey of our Male Lead, Kayden Brock in becoming the world's number one hero. As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility", our hero has to face all the dangers and defeat the villians with his friends.
As time passes many secrets are unveiled including that of the truth of the nuclear reactor incident, the creator of the superpowers and Kayden's true father.

Read Now:- ... 7006160405

The starting chapters of this story are free. So please read and support this story.

Thank you.
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