My thriller featuring a tetraplegic protagonist (How's that for a tongue-twister?)

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Hi everyone,
I'd like to introduce my thriller to the writing and reading community. It's quite possibly the first (that I know of) to feature a tetraplegic paralysed from the neck down to feature in a thriller. It's called 'The Chair Man'; it's FREE to download from all e-platforms worldwide including Amazon. It runs to 364 pages; here's the universal Amazon link: and here's the blurb:

Michael Hollinghurst is a successful corporate lawyer living a comfortable, suburban life in leafy North West London. But on 7 July 2005, his life is transformed when he steps on a London underground train targeted by Islamist suicide bombers. While most passengers in his carriage are killed, Michael survives the explosion but is confined to a wheelchair as a result.

Coming to terms with his predicament and controlling his own feelings of guilt as a survivor conspire to push him in a direction that is out of character and a tad reckless. In a quest to seek retribution, he resorts to embracing the internet and posing as a radical Islamist in order to snare potential perpetrators.

Much to his surprise, his shambolic scheme yields results and is brought to the attention of both GCHQ and a terrorist cell. But before long, dark forces begin to gather and close in on him. There is seemingly no way out for Michael Hollinghurst. He has become, quite literally, a sitting target.
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