A western movie on Grit TV

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Was watching Grit TV, and they aired Valdez Is Coming. It's a 1970s western film based on a novel by Elmore John Leonard Jr.

At first, I didn't like it because it featured Burt Lancaster. His character didn't seem right for the part given I'm accustom to seeing him in non-westerns, but as it progressed, I soon felt his personality become suited for the role as the plot turned into one of those suspense driven movies where a manhunt ensues and the hunted goes on a mission to seek revenge while causing those doing the hunting to feel they made a bad mistake.

It's also has an ending I found both moving and with questions.

The ending left me with the same feeling The Outlaw Josey Wales did and the more recent film Out of the Furnace.

Personally, I like stories with no clear ending or resolve. To me, life tends to work that way.

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