Book For Parents and Educators - Reviewers Needed - Children and Emotions

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Book For Parents and Educators - Reviewers Needed - Children and Emotions

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Children and Emotions
Manage to Know and Control your Emotions with short Exercises to Feel Calm
By Marsden Melanie Jennifer
Published: 10/20/2020
ISBN: 979-8550289136

Discover How to Raise an Emotional Intelligent Child - And Ensure Their LIFE-LONG Success, Happiness & Self Esteem!

We've all seen a tantrum play out before--whether it's when you’re standing in line at a grocery store, visiting a friend, or simply going for a walk.

The child, red-faced and screaming as the parents struggle to understand what is upsetting them.

When children lack the vocabulary to express themselves, they look to their parents for help.

This guide will teach you how to recognize your child's feelings, what they mean, and how best to respond so that they can learn from the experience. It'll show you how understanding your child's emotional needs can lead not only towards better behavior but also more happiness in life!

There's no need to be on the receiving end of a tantrum ever again - Say goodbye to feelings of stress and concern, and say hello to a deeper connection with your child.
Here's what you can expect:

Throughout this book, you'll find powerful exercises for healthy emotional development for children at any age - 2 years old, 5 years old and up to 10 years old, which are custom-tailored for the exact development phase of your child!

The 3 main ways to change emotions that will empower you and your child to handle even the most intense situations
Prevent problems before they occur by teaching emotional skills early on
Be your child's hero and increase their happiness with healthy behavior habits
Why emotional intelligence plays such a crucial role in developing your child's social and problem solving abilities
Suitable for parents & teachers alike!
And much, much more!

The best gift you can give to your children is to be a good parent - So don't miss those valuable years that will shape your children's identity.

"Children and Emotions" will be your north star for every situation your kids will face!
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