YA Coming of Age Romantic Mystery - Reviewers Wanted Leisha's Song By Lynn Slaughter

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YA Coming of Age Romantic Mystery - Reviewers Wanted Leisha's Song By Lynn Slaughter

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Leisha's Song
By Lynn Slaughter
Publisher: ‎Fire and Ice Young Adult Books
Published: June 2021
ISBN: 978-1953735348 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1953735355 (ebook)
Pages: 272
Genre: Contemporary Coming-of-Age Romantic Mystery, Young Adult

Leisha knows something's wrong. Her beloved vocal coach at boarding school would never have resigned and disappeared like this in the midst of preparing her prize students for a major vocal competition. Leisha's determined to find her, make sure she's okay.

Cody, a sensitive cellist, insists on helping her. Sparks fly, clues multiply, and romance blossoms, despite the disapproval of their families.

Leisha's desire to be with Cody and pursue music rather than medicine puts her on a direct collision course with her African-American grandfather, the only parent she's ever had. But an even more immediate threat looms-- because, as Leisha draws closer to the truth about her teacher's disappearance, she puts her own life in grave danger.

Praise for Leisha's Song
"Suspense, tender romance, and a thoughtful exploration of racism make this page-turning coming-of-age novel a winner." - Lee Tobin McClain, USA Today Best selling Author of Home to the Harbor

Find more information about the book and author at http://bookbuzz.net/blog/ya-romantic-my ... laughter/
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