Roots of Dragsil: Spider’s Ballet

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Hello! I am an amateur indie author. This is my first foray into the writing world. I published this ongoing series using Kindle’s new Vella program. The story can be classified as Dystopian Fantasy but I’ve had other people relate it to urban fiction as well as fantasy horror.
The first 3 chapters are free and if you are new to Kindle vella then Amazon gives you 200 tokens for free which is enough for the next 6 chapters.
The story revolves around a diverse cast of characters in a unique setting. The world blends dystopia with fantastical, super natural and science fiction into the background of where these characters must endeavor. These characters struggle against the oldest, a godlike race intervening in the affairs of men, the fallen which are experiments from a millennia ago by the oldest, and against the different tribes and allegiances of man. Everyone believes they have the best interest of the world at heart but as the conflicts arise only time will tell.
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