The House of Ribbons

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Keith Slade
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In a world ravaged by war and in a time where technology and magic coexist, peace has been restored. The appearance of a strange man befuddles everyone he encounters. Without his memories and sense of self, he falls into a world where witches exhibit tremendous abilities and women rule formidable Houses. Charmed yet confounded by his vacant status and peculiar belongings, a large handful of beautiful ladies and the powerful House of Ribbons push him onto a challenging path of intrigue where love and treachery intersect a little too often. Wrestling with the cobwebs of his mind and juggling his passions for a multitude of women, he realizes a lack of memory may not be his largest obstacle. The further he goes into the unknown, the more he sacrifices and the harder he loves. His struggle to understand his newfound abilities and his puzzling arrival dominates him entirely, so when a malevolent figure enters his already tumultuous search for clarity, he must outrace his conflicted feelings to save those he loves. Torn by loss, betrayal, and injustice, he’s forced to choose the kind of man he wants to be.
When you are no one, you can become anyone or anything.
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