Have You Read The Galaxii Series Yet?

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Christina Engela
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This is a brief introduction to the Galaxii Series by yours truly! :-D

Galaxii is an epic futuristic saga that relates the struggles and adventures of diverse characters, each realistically portrayed with their own unique interests, circumstances, and each has their own challenges and obstacles to overcome: career-minded Space Fleet officers, solo adventurers and rogues, and Corsairs – the space pirates who made the space-lanes perilous to travel in their pursuit of autonomy, wealth and notoriety.

The series fits into the “space opera” and "adventure" sub-genres of science fiction, and in addition to this, her portrayal of LGBT characters fits her writing generally into the transgressive fiction genre.

Currently there are three titles in the Galaxii Series: “Blachart”, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning”. If you enjoyed reading them and want more, don't despair - book 4, "Sentinel" is already under construction! View Coming Soon to see new titles still in the pipeline!


Books in the series have received wonderful reviews from readers and reviewers alike, but the best so far has to be from reviewer Lee Hall who had this to say of "Blachart", the first book in the series:

"Christina Engela delivers with this action-packed tale that introduces the Galaxii series; an expansive world of Imperial space fleets, distant planets, space pirates and beyond. From shootouts to car chases this book has everything fans of sci fi action could want. It’s imaginative, highly readable and fun much like many of Christina Engela’s works which I highly recommend! 5 stars." - Lee Hall, writer & reviewer.

Books in the series are available in eBook and print, with two already in audiobook format! You can read more about the series here.

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