Reviewers Wanted - Sci-fi Adventure with Romance - The Pystead Group

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Reviewers Wanted - Sci-fi Adventure with Romance

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The Pystead Group
By James Pryor
Publisher: The Techner Group
Published: August 2021 (2nd edition)
ISBN: 978-0692156988
Genre: Science Fiction Adventure, Literary Science Fiction, Blended Sci-Fi & Chick Lit
Formats Available For Review: EPUB, PDF, MOBI

Romantic Adventure in a future era of disruptive politics and technologies.

By 2052 citizens of the U.S.A. live in fear of dishonest government and extremists. Seeking escape, Philip Russell, a young cognitive scientist, takes a job with The Pystead Group, a high-tech company located in the West Indies. He falls in love with an artist working for the company and is drawn into its secrets, becoming part of its illegal, brain-scanning security program. On the streets of Nevis, he survives encounters with his company’s enemies through resourceful use of Pystead’s drones. When Pystead reveals their Plan B and advanced technologies, Philip must meld mind and heart if he is to accept the risks and unknowns of Plan B and save the relationship with his fiancée. Can he ever truly belong?

**Science fiction adventure in a dystopian era, driven by human relationships and love with a happy ending. The story predicts near-future, key technologies and bases its secret technologies on speculative science. Characters lead full lives, with light erotic/sexual content. 147,000 words. ... mes-pryor/
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