Emma in The Zone

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Emma in The Zone,

Emma is a first year psychology major, or was, until she and her brother Danny took a trip into the zone, a trip which resulted in his death. Now, her only thought is to avenge her brother, and she will, if she lives long enough.

I'm up to my old tricks again, trying to thread subliminal collective introspection throughout an exciting tale, this one features a warrior princess in the not to distant dystopian future of Portland, Oregon. Yayyy!

I'm also trying a new platform, serialized fiction. It's a bit different than writing a novel, because when writing a novel an author can write the entire story first and then add or omit if necessary to make the whole thing harmonize, and maybe even produce a point. Serialized fiction is more writing 'on the fly', trying to accomplish the same thing as a novel, but on the first pass.

Anywho, I hope a few folks will follow the link and check out Emma in The Zone, Thank you.
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