Reviewers Needed - Financial Thriller - Gotcha by Tom Lytes

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Reviewers Needed - Financial Thriller - Gotcha by Tom Lytes

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Vortmit, Book 2
By Tom Lytes
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: July 2, 2021
ISBN: 978-1098367572
Pages: 323
Genre: Financial Thriller, Thriller

On islands off the coast of South Carolina, sisters Rainey and Gretchen go their separate ways. Gretchen disappears into a drug-addled underworld headed by Garrison Buchan, a sinister figure who hides his illegal activities behind a tree farm and an alligator sanctuary. Rainey, distracted by the upcoming sale of her app "Gotcha" to an anonymous investor with dubious plans for the company, lets her go.

But when a suspicious car crash drags the sisters back together, they are on their way to exposing secrets best left hidden!

"Gotcha" is a thriller novel about deception. The fraught relationship between two sisters takes center stage as an addictive computer app runs wild in South Carolina. Soon, nobody is safe.
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