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Bobby Nash
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Get ready on the flight line! A new serialized novel launches in October on Patreon! Lance Star: Sky Ranger returns in an all-new novel-length thriller from author Bobby Nash at with new chapters releasing each week. Tiers begin as low as $1 a month and helps keep our favorite New Pulp aviators alive and flying.

January 1943. After tough as nails pilot, Niles Isburgh goes down on a mission in the Arctic Circle, the American War Department enlists Lance Star and the Sky Rangers to pick up where he left off. Nazi scientists have built a massive new weapon that uses the elements of the air and soil as ammunition. That's right. They've built themselves a huge ice gun and are ready to begin testing it. The Sky Rangers are tasked with destroying the weapon before it can be used on Allied Troops and turn the tide of war. There's just one catch. Guarding the facility is Lance Star's most ruthless foe, the Baron Otto Von Blood. Will this be their final showdown? Get ready for Lance Star: Sky Ranger - "Cold Snap!"

Lance Star: Sky Ranger "Cold Snap!" will debut in print and ebook from Airship 27 Productions in 2022.
Learn more about Lance Star: Sky Ranger at
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