Theology student must deal with his violent past

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John Book wants to become a theology professor. He is working as an assistant on a prestigious translation project when someone presents a new manuscript that threatens to shake traditional Christianity. His fluency in Syriac should be helpful in determining the papyrus fragment's authenticity. But why is he so tormented by ghosts from his past? And who is stalking him with murderous intent? Although most of us have lives different from the central character of this story, the underlying struggles he deals with are ones we all confront on some level. How does a person with a shameful past start a new life especially when the old influences press in?

What the critics are saying:

"He Goes Out Weeping is a thriller which will appeal to fans of Dan Brown and to readers who like a little theology with their chills," (Dr. Fawn Knight, Emerita Professor of English literature, Kentucky Christian University).

"From the first chapter, Fiensy engages the reader with compelling characters and intriguing situations," (Professor Paul Friskney, Creative Writing, Cincinnati Christian University).
Book cover: He Goes Out Weeping: A Story of Mystery (New Harbor Press)
Book cover: He Goes Out Weeping: A Story of Mystery (New Harbor Press)
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