Voracity - A tale of love, loss, and insanity (REVIEWERS WANTED!)

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Currently, I am writing a work of low-fantasy romance and posting it to royalroad.com
I desperately seek more traffic on my story and would love a comment or two on the site so I know what my readers think and I can learn from their words. Any support or criticism would be greatly appreciated.
Post a link to your stories as well :D You read mine, I'll read yours :D
Fiction Description:
Thomas is a gentle person, too innocent for his own good. He's kind, thoughtful, and caring.
Tragedy befalls the compassionate man and he's torn from his peace by the violent, strangling grip of anguish. Can he remain the kind-hearted man he's always been, or will he slip into dark depths occupied only by those with cracked minds and wicked thoughts as he embarks on the journey of a lifetime?
The story is a bit of a slow burn to start, but I promise you'll be rewarded for sticking around. I hope you enjoy Thomas's journey through the dark.
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