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The Blainter is a Horror/Thriller novel that I published this year on Wattpad. It's a fiction story that narrates the journey of a girl named Abbey, her classmates, teacher, and an unknown amount of killers in an abandoned art gallery, near the beautiful city of Paris, France.

Mr. Evans is the teacher of five talented art students, and he wants to show his appreciation by taking them on an educational journey to some of his favorite, heard of, places in France. With the help of a French driver, he and his students travels to their first destination, where horror awaits! The art students quickly realizes, upon entering an abandoned gallery, that they have been thrown into a bloody battle for their lives! Stalked by a killer in red robes while being trapped in the huge building, the diverse-mannered students are forced to look for a way out.

Join Abbey, Mr. Evans, and the rest of the students as they struggle to survive while also trying to figure out who the mysterious killer in red robes is, and why were they being targeted! This is a horror story, so there are horror scenes.

WARNING- Not all of the characters survive! This is a slasher, with a suspenseful setting!

This is the link if you are looking for a suspenseful horror with very new twists. The ending is surprising!

Author:Lamond Green
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